Kid Friendly, family friendly fun with Crash and Dragon (and get to see the real “Home Tree”)

Great way to spend a couple hours as a family. Super fun, super safe and super confidence builder for the kids. Crash T. and Dragon P. rocked. Built on old WW II Camp Maui marine base. Seven ziplines take about an hour and a half to run. Stop by Haiku town at Island Tacos (near Tuk Tuk Thai and the grocery store) for the best $5 taco ever (the sauteed fish was awesome). See some really pretty up country Mauka roads and waterfalls too …. leave the bustle of Waimea or Ka’anapali behind and head to
Haiku for the day. Kids only have to weigh 40 lbs so good for small ones too!!!

Let Go & Have a Blast!

We hadn’t planned on ziplining during this trip to Maui, since we had already experienced it for the first time in Costa Rica, but we were very happy that we did! Although you don’t get the same “jungle-like” setting, the views from the treetops were still beautiful. At the time, my son was too young to go on the lines by himself in Costa Rica, so to see his face at the end of 5 out of 7 lines that he went down by himself, was truly unforgettable! We liked actively participating, walking bridges, climbing ladders from one line to the next. Above all, the ability to “freestyle” on some of the lines and just let go without worrying about needing to brake at the end, was exhilarating! Let loose and try the “Scorpion” (lean back and grab your ankles) on the very last line! Wow, I couldn’t believe I was practically upside down all the way! I just wish I had a better picture of this! Haha. Special shout out to our guides, Maverick and P.Diddy (not Phil), who were informative and so much fun! Mahalo!

Loved the entire experience

We chose NorthShore because we wanted to zipline in the treetops and we were not disappointed. Our guides were experienced, friendly and all had great stories to keep us laughing while on the course. My husband and our grandson did not zipline, however they were able to walk the course and watch us and still be a part of the fun day. The guides gave us lots of information along the way about the property, which had once been used by the military and was known as “Camp Maui”. The pace was good and we were not left waiting for long periods of time in between zips. The guides did a great job of keeping everyone engaged while they always had safety first as a priority.

Book it Now!

Such a fun experience, beautiful views and you feel like a sky ninja! Our guides were beyond awesome, give those guys a raise! They made my 7-year old niece and 65 year old mother both feel at ease, even walked the 7 year old down when she couldn’t handle a wind gust. Not only was it an amazing experience, I actually learned a lot of info about the history of the area, which I love. I will definitely be back and definitely recommend to everyone!

Great view of Giggle Hill

Our guides were great hosts, emphasizing safety yet making it fun, fun, fun especially for those in our group of 6 who had never done this sort of thing before. It’s not the highest or fastest zip on Maui but we all loved the experience. Excellent group or family activity. If you can climb a ladder, you can do this. It’s as easy as jumping out of a tree, which of course, is what you do. Personally, I liked the historic link to the Marine Corps’ Camp Maui (some of you will know the history of Giggle Hill) with 1940s photos posted around. Do this tour in the morning, and use the afternoon to explore upcountry.