Best Zipline Tours

A Zipline thrill for everyone is North Shore Zipline Adventure, built over the relics of Camp Maui where
the 4th Marine Division was based in WWII. Kids, Parents, and Grandparents experience the beauty of
Haleakala terrain as they zip through the treetops. Learn about the History of Maui in WWII, a home
base for the “Fighting Fourth” U.S. Marines between combat missions on Kwajalein, Saipan, Tinian and
Iwo Jima.

Nothing beats a family Maui Vacation highlighted by a thrilling North Shore Zipline Adventures “Camp
Maui Tour designed for novices and experienced zipline enthusiasts. This seven-line Zipline eco
adventure allows adult or kid zippers to experience the lush Maui Rainforest terrains and lovely
mountain vistas of Maui.

North Shore Zipline Adventure zooms you over the foundations of a WWII military rest and training
encampment. You will learn the military history of the land where 18,500 Marines were stationed for
two years. This best Zipline tour welcomes and reveres veterans! Young and old will come home
confident, thrilled and filled with respect for both the Maui environment and the freedom secured for
us by heroes of World War II.

This thrilling family Zipline course boasts 7 diverse zipline with platforms that simulate a military training
course -some as high as 70 feet (21 meters). All zippers get full safety gear and even rain jackets if
desired. Don’t let a rainy day on your Maui Vacation dampen your spirits! North Shore Zipline Adventure
reaches a new high in the rain.

When shopping for an educational Zipline, North Shore Zipline Adventure stands out as an educational
activity. Trained guides answer questions about Maui terrain, environment, flora and fauna and WWII
history in the Pacific Theater. Visit the Camp Maui Museum on the property of North Shore Zipline
Adventure in Haiku, See authentic WWII trucks, jeep, aircraft, and military gear.

Built on the flanks of Haleakala volcano, this family zipline course is thrilling, fun and very safe for
persons of all ages. Your family will be safely tethered during the entire Zipline adventure– trained
guides are eager to guard and instruct you.

“I was timid and unsure when I arrived because I am a grandma. When I discovered that everyone is
tethered during the entire zipline adventure, I felt free to join in the fun,” says Wendy Wylder, from

“It is a great experience for kids! A little girl in my group scared herself and would not leave the
platform. Our guide gave her his full attention and when she was done crying, gave her a big hug and

jumped on the zipline with her. On the other end, she was so proud of herself and full of joy. She
finished the rest of the course all by herself! ”

From 1944 to 1945, this Zipline land and 1500 more acres downhill, was rented to the U.S. Marine
Corps, and over 18,000 soldiers trained and rested here, 6 men to a tent. Some 50 training sites all over
Maui prepared them for some of the most difficult battles of WWII, including The Battle of Iwo Jima.
Learn all about the 4th Marines.

North Shore Zipline Adventure for families is a short drive from Kahului, Maui on the Hana Highway.
After passing through Town, go uphill on Haiku Road, and bear left on Kauhikoa Road and proceed uphill
to 2065 Kauhikoa Road. Look for the driveway on your left, and our white tents. Look for coupons for
this rain or shine safe Zipline Your family will be delighted.